Andromeda, M31, Girthahor, Sahjoortavan

Traveller Immortals

Bit of a gap from my last post. Still trying to get used to having this blog and filling it with interesting information. Sorry if anyone comes here and doesn’t see much. I am hopefully going to acclimate to writing here. I have been playing with the idea of a high level Classic Traveller, callContinue reading “Traveller Immortals”

Crew of the “Modest Wilvareen”

Hunter Anders Carthy B57B44 Age 46 7 terms Cr16,000 Skills: Pilot-2, Body Pistol-3, Cudgel-1, Gravitics-1, Hunting-2, Mechanical-1, Survival-1, Tracked Vehicle-1 Benefits: 8,000/yr Retirement Pay, Body Pistol, Low Passage, Safari Ship “Modest Wilvareen” Navy Lieutenant Daniel Tharshan Miang 584497 Age 42 6 terms Cr30,000 Skills: Admin-1, Dagger-2, Engineering-3, Gunnery-1, Mechanical-1, Medical-1, Vacc Suit-1 Benefits: 6,000/yr RetirementContinue reading “Crew of the “Modest Wilvareen””


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