Crew of the “Modest Wilvareen”

Hunter Anders Carthy B57B44 Age 46 7 terms Cr16,000
Skills: Pilot-2, Body Pistol-3, Cudgel-1, Gravitics-1, Hunting-2, Mechanical-1, Survival-1, Tracked Vehicle-1
Benefits: 8,000/yr Retirement Pay, Body Pistol, Low Passage, Safari Ship “Modest Wilvareen”
Navy Lieutenant Daniel Tharshan Miang 584497 Age 42 6 terms Cr30,000
Skills: Admin-1, Dagger-2, Engineering-3, Gunnery-1, Mechanical-1, Medical-1, Vacc Suit-1
Benefits: 6,000/yr Retirement Pay, Dagger, High Passage, High Passage, Low Passage
Marine Lieutenant Elena “Ginot” White 779886 Age 38 5 terms Cr14,000
Skills: Cutlass-4, Medical-1, Revolver-1, SMG-3, Tactics-1
Benefits: 4,000/yr Retirement Pay, Cutlass, Low Passage, Travellers’ Aid Society
Merchant 4th Officer Knight Tibree Hanth 9A978B Age 30 3 terms Cr80,000
Skills: Navigation-1, Steward-1, Submersible-1

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