Maps of Andromeda

These are the two maps showing Andromeda, and the Dawn Sector within Andromeda. The Dawn Sector is a geographical map in classic Traveller format, ie, a 32 x 40 parsec Sector divided into 16 smaller subsectors. While the polities in the Dawn Sector don’t fit neatly within the borders of Classic subsectors, I am using the dimensions as given. This goes to the heart of my Andromeda LN2 (or Long Night 2) setting. The seven polities displayed in the Dawn Sector have clawed their way to relatively stable nations, united in opposition to the barbarian forces seeking to drag them back from civilization. Of course, the individual polities are more than willing to feud with each other in the best tradition of the Houses in the Battletech Universe.

In order of importance to the individual polities, are 1. the Techcaches, and 2. Jumpdrive technology. Industrial espionage is a booming business and quite often covert techwars flare up between two or three separate polities. Assassination is sometimes employed and sanctioned by corporate and government agencies.

Below are links to the galactic and sector maps in PDF format. Notably, all systems outside the seven polities are unmarked and labelled as na, or “no allegiance.” The Referee may populate those stars or use the listing that will be included with the Andromeda LN2 setting book when it is released. Some information may be accessible without exploring the systems, but travel to and between them is considered hazardous. The main goal of the ALN2 setting is exploration. The secondary goal is to have fun doing it without dying or ending up conscripted into the Alignment.

Galactic Map

Sector Map

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