Moving forward

Finished (released) my adventure ship designer. Going to work on some detail for the seven polities that lie close to Majestery. That system is the local transit network entry. Also need to determine the equivalent local careers so I can add that extra bit of atmosphere. Since the Org were removed from Andromeda (so it seems) societies had to find their way stuck in their home systems until the discovery of the Jump drive.

They have done a lot, including banding together in multi-system powers for mutual gain, but there are still hordes of raiders, pirates, and the especially violent Alignment. It seems to many that the attacks are too regular and persistent and wonder if there is a war of attrition being waged against them.

Hopefully I can pull more strings together and get my first Source-book out the door. The Andromeda LN2 setting may not be the Third Imperium yet, but I hope it’s interesting enough to me, if nobody else, to flesh it out into an AS (Artificial Setting) that provides lots of gaming fun.

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