Ship Design in Andromeda LN2

Dedicated to the Andromeda Long Night 2 RPG Setting. I’ll post things like campaign updates, ship designs, renders, what have you. This is the very first post and now I just have to figure out how to set up files. The Adventure-class Ship Designer is my first utility to let me (and anyone who wants to try it and has the Excel Spreadsheet) create content for the setting.

I am posting them here as a central location to grab them. Once I figure out how to add more to this website, I’ll organize a little better. I am including 8 classic ships that can be found anywhere and also Andromeda ships as I design them.

Ship Designs from the Classic times before the Internet

Andromeda Long Night 2 Ship Designs

One thought on “Ship Design in Andromeda LN2

  1. Added a Ships and Shots page where I will post all my ship designs, more of a permalink situation as I make hundreds of posts in the journal…. yeah, I wish… But aiming for that.

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