Traveller Immortals

Bit of a gap from my last post. Still trying to get used to having this blog and filling it with interesting information. Sorry if anyone comes here and doesn’t see much. I am hopefully going to acclimate to writing here. I have been playing with the idea of a high level Classic Traveller, call it Sheriff Taylor from Mayberry meets Riddick.

Did this system as an example of background for the game. It’s a snapshot of the FINAL star system.

Crew of the “Modest Wilvareen”

Hunter Anders Carthy B57B44 Age 46 7 terms Cr16,000
Skills: Pilot-2, Body Pistol-3, Cudgel-1, Gravitics-1, Hunting-2, Mechanical-1, Survival-1, Tracked Vehicle-1
Benefits: 8,000/yr Retirement Pay, Body Pistol, Low Passage, Safari Ship “Modest Wilvareen”
Navy Lieutenant Daniel Tharshan Miang 584497 Age 42 6 terms Cr30,000
Skills: Admin-1, Dagger-2, Engineering-3, Gunnery-1, Mechanical-1, Medical-1, Vacc Suit-1
Benefits: 6,000/yr Retirement Pay, Dagger, High Passage, High Passage, Low Passage
Marine Lieutenant Elena “Ginot” White 779886 Age 38 5 terms Cr14,000
Skills: Cutlass-4, Medical-1, Revolver-1, SMG-3, Tactics-1
Benefits: 4,000/yr Retirement Pay, Cutlass, Low Passage, Travellers’ Aid Society
Merchant 4th Officer Knight Tibree Hanth 9A978B Age 30 3 terms Cr80,000
Skills: Navigation-1, Steward-1, Submersible-1

Furstork class Destroyer plans

Am working on the standard method for producing deckplans for ships, after all you can’t board it if you can’t see it. Some shots of me working out the basic flow… model the ship, dice up the decks, lay them out and apportion the equipment.. sometimes may have to adjust the size of the hull around everything to account for corridors, and other stuff to make it slightly more technically accurate than dungeons with hair thin walls. NOTE: Changed directions slightly and decided to lay out the main elevator/access tiles in red, and hatch tiles (H) for manual access between decks. Will design around those, just felt wrong not to have more ways to get around in a 1000 ton ship.

Furstork-class Destroyer, 1000 tons

Workhorse of the Lemurian Navy, this ship also buys in to the new “All Missile, All The Time” doctrine. Started a block out as well as settling on the signature Block Hammerhead style of hull. It doesn’t quite go all missiles, of course, since it is primarily an Escort in Fleet actions, it has 10 triple turrets fitted out with 2 missile racks and 1 sandcaster each for a total of 20 missile racks and 10 sandcasters.

Four-way graphic view of ship

Ship Specs PDF

The Flaw, Grand Sector

A project I was working on before the Andromeda LN2 bug bit me. This is the grand sector map, all sectors and subsectors are fully detailed as far as stats, though most of the star system names are placeholders. I mean, even I have trouble coming up with unique names for every system. I’ll probably return to this at a later date, a lot of it was proof of concept, could I actually create the various spreadsheets to fill all that space (heh pun) with stars so that players had a huge sandbox for every Ref to customize.

The Flaw, Grand Sector Map. 46,211 KB:

The Quick Timeline of that setting:

And here is a rough data dump of Sector G5 Anuen.

Maps of Andromeda

These are the two maps showing Andromeda, and the Dawn Sector within Andromeda. The Dawn Sector is a geographical map in classic Traveller format, ie, a 32 x 40 parsec Sector divided into 16 smaller subsectors. While the polities in the Dawn Sector don’t fit neatly within the borders of Classic subsectors, I am using the dimensions as given. This goes to the heart of my Andromeda LN2 (or Long Night 2) setting. The seven polities displayed in the Dawn Sector have clawed their way to relatively stable nations, united in opposition to the barbarian forces seeking to drag them back from civilization. Of course, the individual polities are more than willing to feud with each other in the best tradition of the Houses in the Battletech Universe.

In order of importance to the individual polities, are 1. the Techcaches, and 2. Jumpdrive technology. Industrial espionage is a booming business and quite often covert techwars flare up between two or three separate polities. Assassination is sometimes employed and sanctioned by corporate and government agencies.

Below are links to the galactic and sector maps in PDF format. Notably, all systems outside the seven polities are unmarked and labelled as na, or “no allegiance.” The Referee may populate those stars or use the listing that will be included with the Andromeda LN2 setting book when it is released. Some information may be accessible without exploring the systems, but travel to and between them is considered hazardous. The main goal of the ALN2 setting is exploration. The secondary goal is to have fun doing it without dying or ending up conscripted into the Alignment.

Galactic Map

Sector Map

Loading, Saving, Importing Designs

Spending some time on the Adventure Class Ship Design sheet. Want to make it so you can save ships in a separate one-stop sheet, so you don’t have tons of different ship sheets floating around. Ultimately you should be able to import designs as the actual master sheet is updated. For things like bugs and errors. Saves you having to hand type all your old designs in to update master sheets.

Also did (for fun) an Officers table for one of the Tier One Battle Fleets (the 3,419th). I am going to do character sheets for each of them. Three principal species, the Lamurans, the Vargoor (Vg), and the Naskseex (Nx) make up the crews.

PDF is here:

WordPress Grrrrr.

WordPress ate my ship design page while trying to edit the format, and have no idea how to retrieve it. Supposedly there are versions you can go back to. But no help, even google search returns results that seem to relate to some version of wordpress, but no idea which one. So Ships and Shots is back, from scratch, using a more concise Table layout. Turns out you can copy and paste links into the tables you add to each column.

I also notices I didn’t recreate the Classic Safari Ship, will do that this weekend. I do seem to be learning a teeny bit each time, I might even start hitting YouTube for tutorials on setting up a blog on

Cheers for now.

Free Damage Tweak

Above is an example of Lemurian military ships using the Free Hits mechanic I am incorporating into my Andromeda LN2 setting. It’s (as stated in the chart) just a quick way to vary ships a little based on the preferences of whichever polity is fielding ships. I haven’t actually included any civilian ships yet, but their free hits is probably going to max out at 35 or 40 points. At MCr10 a pop.

Houses and Battletech

Someone on Facebook said something that crystallized my thoughts on how the various polities (nations for non-Travellers) treat and act toward each other. I decided that while they cooperate fully with each other when it comes to defending their polities against outsiders (especially the Alignment), when it comes to all other matters (especially the techcaches and jumpdrives) their relationship is analogous to the great Houses in Battletech.

Techcaches are the alien heuristic libraries discovered by each polity when it achieved the means to venture outside their atmosphere to the other planets, gas giants, and planetoid/asteroid belts in their star system. It gave up hints to advanced technologies in response to specific questions. Eventually this led the various research sophonts toward things like advanced computers, jumpdrives, fusion power plants, gravitonic technology, ecological machines, medicines, and more. The techcaches of each polity is their single most closely guarded secret, just above the jumpdrive technology.

The various polities can also be recognized by their ar’then or credo, and is as follows, Lemuria (House of Lore), the Federated Anvil (House of Iron), the Burning of Corix (House of Pain), the Concordium (House of Wind), the Unconfigured (House of Faces), and the Validine Pure Systems (House of Seasons). These credos will reflect some deep seated beliefs and psychologies that define who they are, how they act, and what their long term goals are.

As the polities expanded their borders, they achieved the borders they maintain today without adding more systems that were certainly within their reach. This seemed to happen at the same time, even though some of the polities are smaller than the others and would certainly have benefited from further expansion. Why they all agreed to stop at the same point in time is perhaps another mystery based on facts not evident to the common populace.