Loading, Saving, Importing Designs

Spending some time on the Adventure Class Ship Design sheet. Want to make it so you can save ships in a separate one-stop sheet, so you don’t have tons of different ship sheets floating around. Ultimately you should be able to import designs as the actual master sheet is updated. For things like bugs and errors. Saves you having to hand type all your old designs in to update master sheets.

Also did (for fun) an Officers table for one of the Tier One Battle Fleets (the 3,419th). I am going to do character sheets for each of them. Three principal species, the Lamurans, the Vargoor (Vg), and the Naskseex (Nx) make up the crews.

PDF is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T0_BC-HFCMjrmc931cFuz6pvUX-rU4JX/view?usp=sharing

WordPress Grrrrr.

WordPress ate my ship design page while trying to edit the format, and have no idea how to retrieve it. Supposedly there are versions you can go back to. But no help, even google search returns results that seem to relate to some version of wordpress, but no idea which one. So Ships and Shots is back, from scratch, using a more concise Table layout. Turns out you can copy and paste links into the tables you add to each column.

I also notices I didn’t recreate the Classic Safari Ship, will do that this weekend. I do seem to be learning a teeny bit each time, I might even start hitting YouTube for tutorials on setting up a blog on WordPress.com.

Cheers for now.

Free Damage Tweak

Above is an example of Lemurian military ships using the Free Hits mechanic I am incorporating into my Andromeda LN2 setting. It’s (as stated in the chart) just a quick way to vary ships a little based on the preferences of whichever polity is fielding ships. I haven’t actually included any civilian ships yet, but their free hits is probably going to max out at 35 or 40 points. At MCr10 a pop.

Houses and Battletech

Someone on Facebook said something that crystallized my thoughts on how the various polities (nations for non-Travellers) treat and act toward each other. I decided that while they cooperate fully with each other when it comes to defending their polities against outsiders (especially the Alignment), when it comes to all other matters (especially the techcaches and jumpdrives) their relationship is analogous to the great Houses in Battletech.

Techcaches are the alien heuristic libraries discovered by each polity when it achieved the means to venture outside their atmosphere to the other planets, gas giants, and planetoid/asteroid belts in their star system. It gave up hints to advanced technologies in response to specific questions. Eventually this led the various research sophonts toward things like advanced computers, jumpdrives, fusion power plants, gravitonic technology, ecological machines, medicines, and more. The techcaches of each polity is their single most closely guarded secret, just above the jumpdrive technology.

The various polities can also be recognized by their ar’then or credo, and is as follows, Lemuria (House of Lore), the Federated Anvil (House of Iron), the Burning of Corix (House of Pain), the Concordium (House of Wind), the Unconfigured (House of Faces), and the Validine Pure Systems (House of Seasons). These credos will reflect some deep seated beliefs and psychologies that define who they are, how they act, and what their long term goals are.

As the polities expanded their borders, they achieved the borders they maintain today without adding more systems that were certainly within their reach. This seemed to happen at the same time, even though some of the polities are smaller than the others and would certainly have benefited from further expansion. Why they all agreed to stop at the same point in time is perhaps another mystery based on facts not evident to the common populace.

Prolific Horrific

Heard that I got an awesome plug for this new site as well as my “prolific” something or other. Will have to look that up and see if it relates to body hair or odor. Hail Cthulhu.

Many thanks to Bob Loftin and SAFCOCAST. Now I have to live up to the pressure of my devoted fans, think of Carol Burnett doing her Queen on the Balcony skit with Harvey Korman. “Yes, Yes, all you little people, I love all of you. (Squinting) Except for the little strumpett in that copy of my Spring Ball gown.”

SAFCOcast 20: the Elements of a Traveller Game!

A new follower!

Saw that my first ever person has started following this blog. It’s pretty sparse since I am learning how to do this blog thing using wordpress, and I am developing the Andromeda LN2 setting for the Traveller RPG game. I hope to pick up steam and publish lots of books for the setting over time. So much for now, if you have any comments, please feel free to post them. I’ll probably figure out how to read them and reply to them even. Cheers!

Moving forward

Finished (released) my adventure ship designer. Going to work on some detail for the seven polities that lie close to Majestery. That system is the local transit network entry. Also need to determine the equivalent local careers so I can add that extra bit of atmosphere. Since the Org were removed from Andromeda (so it seems) societies had to find their way stuck in their home systems until the discovery of the Jump drive.

They have done a lot, including banding together in multi-system powers for mutual gain, but there are still hordes of raiders, pirates, and the especially violent Alignment. It seems to many that the attacks are too regular and persistent and wonder if there is a war of attrition being waged against them.

Hopefully I can pull more strings together and get my first Source-book out the door. The Andromeda LN2 setting may not be the Third Imperium yet, but I hope it’s interesting enough to me, if nobody else, to flesh it out into an AS (Artificial Setting) that provides lots of gaming fun.

Ship Design in Andromeda LN2

Dedicated to the Andromeda Long Night 2 RPG Setting. I’ll post things like campaign updates, ship designs, renders, what have you. This is the very first post and now I just have to figure out how to set up files. The Adventure-class Ship Designer is my first utility to let me (and anyone who wants to try it and has the Excel Spreadsheet) create content for the setting.

I am posting them here as a central location to grab them. Once I figure out how to add more to this website, I’ll organize a little better. I am including 8 classic ships that can be found anywhere and also Andromeda ships as I design them.

Ship Designs from the Classic times before the Internet

Andromeda Long Night 2 Ship Designs